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What is the Hunger Task Force MyPlate?

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The Hunger Task Force MyPlate is a healthy model that showcases the five main food groups as presented on a plate. MyPlate encourages people to eat healthy foods by choosing the right types and amounts of foods to eat. The Hunger Task Force MyPlate model assures that vulnerable children, families and seniors who rely on food from the pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters receive nutritious foods.



Why is Hunger Task Force adopting a new food donation model?

Hunger Task Force’s core values of dignity, compassion, justice and stewardship compel our food bank to supply healthy and nutritious foods to people in need.

Why is it important to donate healthy foods?

Healthy food – food that feeds the body, mind and overall wellbeing – keeps us alert, attentive, and active. It provides a stable, balanced foundation for children and adults alike to live a healthy lifestyle. An unhealthy diet can cause obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease, all serious public health problems. Hunger is a health issue, so Hunger Task Force encourages everyone to donate foods that are healthy.

How do I choose healthy foods to donate?

The Hunger Task Force MyPlate model includes preferred food items from all five food groups: protein, fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy. Donate low fat boxed milk; canned vegetables that are low in sodium; canned fruits packed in their own juice and 100% fruit juices; and whole grain cereals and pastas. When in doubt, look to our Preferred Food Items List to know what healthy foods to donate.

The Hunger Task Force MyPlate sounds like an important program. How can I help?

  • Donate healthy foods: Refer to the Preferred Food Items list as a guide to determine which foods to donate while you’re shopping at your local grocery store. Remember, low in sodium, fat and added sugar are your best choices for healthy donating.
  • Host a food drive: Gather your friends, family, colleagues, congregation or coworkers to host a Hunger Task Force MyPlate food drive! Make things interesting by rewarding participation or challenging groups in a competition. See our website for great food drive ideas.
  • Make a monetary contribution: Not sure what to buy? Want to stretch your dollar? Monetary donations can also be dedicated to the purchase of MyPlate foods. Hunger Task Force buys full truckloads of milk, cereal and fruit when we have shortfalls in food donations, so we encourage you to help us keep people healthy with your contribution! Make a secure cash donation anytime HERE.
  • Volunteer: Volunteer to sort donated food, harvest fresh produce at The Farm, or build Stockboxes for Milwaukee’s low-income seniors. We need help year-round!
  • Be an advocate: Spread the word about the Hunger Task Force MyPlate model. Explain that Hunger Task Force is Milwaukee’s Free & Local food bank and that we are working to provide families right here in our community with healthy options to sustain a balanced diet.



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Learn more about how we’re transitioning to the Hunger Task Force MyPlate model.

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